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Ironing Stand Cover Fabric

ironing stand

The best type of fabric for an ironing stand cover is one that is heat-resistant, durable, and smooth. Here are a few options commonly used for ironing board covers: Cotton: Cotton is a popular choice for ironing board covers due to its natural heat resistance, durability, and ability to absorb moisture. It provides a smooth […]

T-shirt Fabric

T-shirt Fabric

What is the appropriate fabric weight to make a T-shirt? In this YouTube short video, I attempt to answer this question. It’s worth noting that this count range can be changed by requests and needs. Meanwhile, the lightness and heaviness of fabrics sometimes don’t have any effect on increasing or decreasing the quality or price […]

The best combination for swimwear


In this video, I introduce a model of men’s swimwear that features a great fiber combination. The brand of this swimwear is Kirkland, and it belongs to Costco Wholesale Canada. The shell fabric is a combination of Nylon and Elastane, while the lining fabric is a combination of polyester and elastane. As a result, it […]