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What Makes Fabrics Wrinkle Resistant?

wrinkle resist

Fiber content, weave type, and finishing treatments are the most important parameters for fabric wrinkle resistance. Here you can find some more information about these parameters in detail: Fiber Content: Natural Fibers: Cotton: Prone to wrinkles due to its cellulose structure. Wrinkle-resistant cotton exists but usually involves chemical treatments. Wool: Naturally wrinkle-resistant due to its […]

T-shirt Fabric

T-shirt Fabric

What is the appropriate fabric weight to make a T-shirt? In this YouTube short video, I attempt to answer this question. It’s worth noting that this count range can be changed by requests and needs. Meanwhile, the lightness and heaviness of fabrics sometimes don’t have any effect on increasing or decreasing the quality or price […]

merino wool sportwear

merino wool

Wool-based clothes are appropriate for winter, aren’t they? How is sportswear produced using wool fiber despite it being supposed to be cool? Yes, that’s correct. Wool-based clothes are one of the best choices for the winter season as they can help isolate body temperature. Wool, especially Merino wool, is often preferred in sportswear for its […]

The Differences Between Nep Fabric and Slub Fabric

Nep Fabric and Slub Fabric

Fabrics in the textile industry often have similar appearances, but their production methods give them distinct characteristics that set them apart from one another. Two such renowned fabric types, Nep fabric and Slub fabric, may appear closely related at first glance, but a deeper exploration reveals their unique qualities and the distinct yarns from which […]